Kandahar: First U.S. big-budget action thriller shot in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah — Kandahar is the first U.S. big-budget action thriller that is shot inside Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ula and Jeddah regions. The movie also features the actors from Indian and Iranian origin.

The trailer was released mid of this month on ONE Media Youtube channel.


Tom Harris, a CIA undercover agent, is stranded in Afghanistan’s dangerous interior. He must battle his way to an extraction site in Kandahar with his Afghan translator after an intelligence leak reveals his name and objective, all the while dodging the elite special forces squad entrusted with tracking them down.

In December 2021, Bollywood actor Ali Fazal and Iranian-American actor Navid Negahban joined the cast. The majority of the filming in Saudi Arabia started on December 2, 2021. The movie was the first high-profile American production to film in Jeddah and Al-Ula. Later that month, Nina Toussaint-White and Bahador Foladi joined the cast.

In January 2022, the filming was completed.

The movie is expected to be released on 26th May 2023 across the theaters.