The “A World Reads” initiative is started by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Dubai – Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has started the “A World Reads” project to support and improve libraries in connection with UAE Reading Month, Emirates News Agency reported on Friday.

To develop school libraries, readers clubs, cafes, and government departments, the programme is stated to have been started in partnership with local publishers, special-publication organisations, and a select number of authors and writers.

According to board member Dr. Mohamed Salem Al-Mazrooei, “A World Reads” is consistent with MBRL’s initiatives, vision, and strategy to inspire a love of learning in the next generation.

According to him, the project “would significantly stimulate comparable community efforts and volunteer support for such undertakings, while playing a crucial role in building relationship between funders and local partners to achieve this aim.”

Al-Mazrooei continued, “Reading and knowledge initiatives are key for individuals to improve their quality of life, enhance their intellectual and learning competencies, and enable them to better communicate and interact with their communities. Such initiatives should be supported in recognition of their significance as key contributors to constructing well-educated and developed societies.

With a valuable and varied selection of books in Arabic and English for children and adults, the programme aims to promote and improve school libraries.

Besides with enhancing and expanding library collections in federal and local government agencies, private institutions, universities, and colleges, “A World Reads” also supports students taking part in the Arab Reading Challenge Prize.

Children, young people, adults, persons of determination, and visually impaired individuals incorporated into school will have access to a special collection of books in Arabic, English, and Braille.

By donating and sharing their unused publications and books, local publishers, related public institutions and entities with special publications, writers, and other parties are invited to join the initiative by MBRL.