AbdelFattah al-Burhan, the commander of the Sudanese army, called for diplomacy to end the combat with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Saturday


Khartoum – Al-Burhan claimed in an interview with Al Arabiya TV that the Sudanese people were the biggest losers in this conflict. As Sudanese, we must all come together and determine the best course of action to revive life and hope.

The living conditions in Sudan are getting worse, and we share the concern of the international community for Sudanese residents, he continued.

The World Health Organisation reports that since the army and RSF began fighting in Sudan a week ago, at least 413 people have died and 3,551 have been injured. Al-Burhan stated earlier on Saturday that the army is working with other nations to assist in the evacuation of foreign nationals as occasional gunfire and airstrikes reverberated throughout Khartoum in spite of assurances by warring parties to halt hostilities for three days on Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

Al-Burhan reiterated that the army had launched a counteroffensive while blaming the RSF for starting the assault. He claimed that by occupying residential areas in Khartoum, the RSF has used citizens as “human shields.”

He claimed that the RSF attacked businesses, banks, and governmental organisations. According to al-Burhan, the army has so far taken control of practically all of the country’s airports, with the exception of Khartoum International Airport and Nyala Airport.

“Attempts to integrate the RSF into the army has been the reason behind this crisis,” Al-Burhan said to Arab Media, adding that the army is adamant on completing the integration.

He reiterated the army’s dedication to completing the shift to a civilian administration.

“The army seeks de-escalation and preservation of Sudan’s gains,” he declared.

Hemedti, the rival RSF leader, claimed to have spoken with France’s foreign minister Catherine Colonna and reiterated his commitment to the truce. He claimed to have discussed aiding the evacuation of foreign nationals with the French foreign minister.

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