Saudi mother graduates in Media while daughter graduates in Business

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Asir – A Saudi mother graduated from college along with her daughter in the south-western part of Saudi Arabia in Asir last week.

Saleha Assiri, a Saudi mother graduated in media and communications from King Khalid University while her daughter Maram graduated in business.

Saleha said she overcame all obstacles to resume her education and attain a degree from college and now hopes to find a job that will help her support her children as she is responsible for them.

“I’ve always loved learning but I did not finish my high school education because I married early and moved to the eastern region,” Saleha said.

Few years later, she returned to Abha and when her daughter Maram finished middle school, her mother encouraged her to resume her studies and she did.

“Although I am a housewife and have so many responsibilities, I adapted with the idea of learning again,” she added.

She enrolled in the faculty of media and communications because she loves the media sector.

“The day I was accepted into college was like a feast for me,” she said, adding that her mother always encouraged her to finish her education but unfortunately she died last year and did not get a chance to see her graduate.

She appreciated her children as well as her friends who supported her in education as well as house-hold responsibilities.