Over 93,000 youths including PhDs and PGs apply for Peon jobs in UP


The Phd holders and PGs have to sign a self-declaration that they know how to ride a bicycle.

Uttar Pradesh – While Modi Government has challenged to fight the employment crisis in India, an irrefutable news has popped up from Uttar Pradesh under Yogi’s rule that over 93,000 candidates including PhD holders and post-graduates have applied for the job a peon.

According to a report by EconomicTimes of TOI, 3,700 PhDs holders, 50,000 graduates, 28,000 PGs have applied for 62 posts of messengers in UP police. The job role requires a minimum eligibility of Class V.

The PhD holders and PGs have to sign a self-declaration that they know how to ride a bicycle. Since huge numbers of over-qualified applicants come up, department has decided to conduct a screening process for the job roles that have been vacant for the past 12 years.

According to officials, the screening process will have basic reasoning, few questions on general knowledge and fundamental mathematics skills.

“The job is like that of a postman’s and the person has to deliver police telecom department’s messages from one office to the other,” a police department official told media.

However, the starting salary for the job is Rs. 20,000 per month, and stability that has eventually attracted many applicants.

There have been reports recently that earlier this year over two crore youths applied for nearly one lac jobs in Indian railways, while over two lac candidates applied for 1100 constable job role in Mumbai Police.

Surprisingly, the applicants include doctors, lawyers and engineers.

In a similar case in Rajasthan, 129 engineers, 23 lawyers, one chartered accountant and 393 post graduates were interviewed for jobs of peons.

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