Mumbai Policeman rapes a rape survivor who came for help

Mumbai – A Policeman is absconding after booked for raping and blackmailing a rape survivor who came to him for help.

34-years-old, Rohan Ganjari, was posted as a sub-inspector of Police at Kongaon Police station, where he had been handling a case of a 26-year-old rape survivor for the past one year until he ran away.

She approached Ganjari to complain about an FIR where his boyfriend was booked as her rapist. Ganjari took advantage of the situation to blackmail her and repeatedly rape her.

The woman met Satish, 28, who runs a mobile shop in Bhiwandi back in 2015. After they began to grow closer, they made physical intimacy based on false marriage promises.

When Satish’s former girlfriend, Rita, came to know about their relationship, she got furious and invited the woman at her house for discussion.

Rita served her juice mixed with sedatives, and later called her friend to rape her. The entire act was recorded on her mobile phone. Later, Rita started to blackmail the woman to pay Rs50000.

The survivor approached Kongaon police station for help last year, but Ganjari included Satish’s name as well in the FIR. In order to remove his name, Ganjari blackmailed her and raped her several times.

When the matter appeared in front of the Kongaon Police higher officials, Ganjari ran away.