Israel shells Gaza in retaliation to Hamas Rocket attack

Gaza – Israeli Military forces started carrying out strikes against Gaza Strip on Monday in retaliation to a Hamas-fired rocket at a house near Tel Aviv.

The military said in a statement that it had “begun striking Hamas terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip.”

Heavy explosions in Gaza could be heard.

Hamas media outlets confirmed that Israel attacked Hamas naval position west of Gaza, and a large training camp in northern Gaza.

However, Hamas evacuated the places as they received information of Israeli strikes beforehand.

Witnesses said that three Israeli missiles hit the northern area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised “strong retaliation” against Hamas for the strikes that killed seven Israelis.

PM Netanyahu was accused in February on the charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust which will likely to affect his image in the upcoming elections of April, and last week Palestinians had protested against Hamas for keeping them deprived, the Hamas rocket attack and the Israeli retaliation indicate a mutual secretive understanding.