Iran relies on Terrorism to stay in Power


Without Iran’s intervention, the Syrian civil war would have ended years ago. The Iranian regime has set up several groups, terrorist in nature, to back up Assad’s troops.

The Iranian regime has managed to keep hold of power for four decades now, much to the dismay of the people of Iran. It has relied on the appeasing policies of the international community to be able to maintain its control and it has used terrorism and repression to aid its own policies.

Terrorism is something that the clerical regime has put a lot of time, money and effort into. It has ignored the people of Iran and the social and political problems that have been at the source of decades of unrest and widespread discontent among society.

It has had ample opportunity to fix, or at least start to work towards fixing, the many problems that the Iranian people face – in particular social problems and economic issues.

Instead, the regime plunders the nation’s wealth on the export of terrorism and, at any sign of a protest or anti-government demonstration, it cracks down – brutally – on the people. In fact, there does not even need to be a protest or demonstration taking place – the regime suppresses the people anyway.

The regime has meddled in the internal affairs of many other nations, in particular in Syria and Iraq. It fuels and sparks conflict to further its own interests and it has plunged the whole region into a crisis that has become a major international concern.

Iran provides extensive support to the Lebanese Hezbollah group – a terrorist proxy that has carried out countless atrocious attacks. Iran not only provides substantial funding, but it also supplies it with arms, personnel and other supplies.

In Yemen, the Iranian regime has provided the Houthi rebels with extensive support. There is no doubt that the Houthis, and hence Iran, have caused an enormous amount of turmoil to the people of Yemen.

In Syria, the Iranian regime has been propping up that of President Bashar al Assad. Without Iran’s intervention, the Syrian civil war would have ended years ago. The Iranian regime has set up several groups, terrorist in nature, to back up Assad’s troops.

It is absolutely imperative that the international community works together to curb the Iran threat. The situation is not going to get any better if the Iranian regime is left to its own devices or if the international communities turns a blind eye to the reality of the situation.

The main opposition to the Iranian regime has emphasised that military intervention is not necessary but has called for other measures to be taken.

Firstly, Iran needs to be expelled from all of the countries in which its presence is causing more harm than good. This includes Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the MOIS intelligence service should also be designated as terrorist entities. Their assets should also be frozen and seized as a result.

Furthermore, their foreign agents should also be expelled from the U.S. and all European countries.

Most importantly, the Iranian Resistance needs to be recognised that the legitimate representative of the Iranian people.

Article First published on NCR-Iran.

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