Indian Muslim Teenager set on fire for not chanting Hindu god’s name “Jai Shri Ram”


Varanasi — A Muslim teenager aged 15-years was set on fire for refusing to chant “Jai Shri Ram” on Sunday in the north India’s Varanasi place. He received 60 per cent burns and is battling for life.

According to the national media sources, the teenager was talking on Dudhari bridge in Chandauli district of Varanasi, when four men kidnapped him. Two of them tied him with a rope and forced him to praise Hindu god Ram with “Jai Shri Ram” chants, when the youngster refused, the third accused poured gasoline over him and the fourth one set him on fire.

Currently, his condition is critical in Kabir Chaura hospital, local media reported.

Superintendent of Police Chandauli said that the matter seems to be suspicious and Police monitored surveillance cameras of the places he mentioned, but they couldn’t spot him in the footages.

Since he is under critical condition, his memory isn’t serving him right, his relatives explain.

Religious hate crimes have taken gone high in India since 2014 with Government’s passive attitude, perpetrators of the crime go unpunished.

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