Mob chanting “Ya Ali” vandalize Mosque and attack physically disabled Imam in Pakistan’s Lahore


Lahore – Huge mob carrying knives, sticks and daggers, and chanting “Ya Ali” vandalized a Mosque in Pakistan’s Lahore, and attacked its physically disabled Imam on Saturday.

50-year-old Qari Muhammed Ahmed, Imam of Masjid Bilal Lahore, who can barely walk and uses Wheelchair for his assistance, was accused on 14th September 2019 by a mob of 200 men and 40 women that the children of his Islamic school face harsh treatment by the teachers.

The mob resorted to voilence instead of filing a case to investigate the matter, a close associate to the Imam said.

He claimed that attackers had ulterior motives so they used an inappropriate pretext to attack the Imam.

Police arrived to contain the law and order disruption, however they arrested the Imam and charged false cases against him, Mosque members claimed.

Recently, a Hindu temple in Ghotki part of Sindh was vandalized which has drawn huge criticism from Pakistan’s national media and popular Twitter handles.

Mosque members demand strict action against the mob who vandalized the Mosque and attacked the Imam.

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