Houthis killed over 3,888 Yemeni children and violated 65,971 incidents against them: Yemeni Rights Group

Sana — Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen have killed over 3,888 children and injured over 5,357 of them since 2015, while committing a number of 65,971 incidents of violations against them, Yemeni Network for Human Rights and Freedoms issued a statement on Wednesday.

The statement which was issued in cooperation with 13 International organizations stated that 147 children are inflicted with disabilities due to indiscriminate shelling on densely populated areas by the Houthis, landmines and Houthi-affiliated snipers.

The rights group accused Iran-backed militias of detaining 456 children in the Houthi-run prisons, while displacing 43,608 children and forcefully recruiting 12,341 children for militant activities.

Social Affairs Minister Dr. Ibtihaj al-Kamal also called on international organizations dealing with children’s welfare to back the Yemeni government in adopting plans that support children and rehabilitate them.

Kamal said in a statement that “4.5 million Yemeni children have been deprived of education since the Houthi militias led a coup late 2014.”

She accused the insurgents of shelling schools and turning them into military barracks, sending children to battlefronts and adopting curricula that encourage hatred and threaten the social fabric.

The rights group appealed the international community to take stringent actions against the Iran-backed militias to end their crimes, atrocities and violations against the Yemeni children.