Spain’s Muslims gift their Imam a luxurious Audi-6 for his Ramadan hardwork

Madrid – A group of Muslims from the Lleida city of Spain gifted their Imam a luxurious Audi-6 car on the day of Eid as a prize to recognize his hard-work during the month of Ramadan.

Osama Bounasab, Imam of the Al-Rahmah Mosque from the Tarka town, received the surprising gift on the Eid day, when the worshipers of his mosque brought in a brand new Audi-6 to the mosque to value Imam’s efforts during the holy month of Ramadan.

Imam Bounasab expressed his appreciation for this step, and wrote on his Facebook account, as quoted by Moroccan bloggers, “Today was a great joy, as the blessed Tarka mosque group surprised me with an expensive, elegant and blessed gift: A high-class car, praise be to God”.

“My joy was greater with the love of these generous believers and their wrapping around me with their supplications, the spaciousness of their chests, and the goodness of their hearts. I pray for their health and wellness, and may God make their sons and daughters righteous”, he added.

Members of the Maghreb community living in the Spanish town of Tarka, said that the initiative to gift the Imam of the mosque, came as a surprise to express the gratitude to the preacher. Instead of collecting donations from the worshipers in bags, and handing out the cash to the Imams and the reciters, the worshippers found this as a novel way to appreciate the Imams.