Zakharova tells Arab Media that Sudan must resolve issues without foreign involvement


Moscow – According to Maria Zakharova of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia has urged all parties involved in the conflict in Sudan to agree to a long-term ceasefire and work out their differences through negotiation. She also stated that the Sudanese people ought to be able to resolve their own issues without outside intervention.

“The dramatic events taking place in Sudan cause us serious concern,” Zakharova stated. “We urge all sides in the crisis to act with political will, moderation, and urgency to achieve a truce.

“We start with the assumption that any disagreements can be resolved through negotiation. The most important thing is to let the Sudanese handle their own problems without outside intervention.

Zakharova claims that Russia is doing everything possible “to ensure the safety of Russian citizens” who are currently in Sudan. Moscow is in constant contact with Saudi Arabia and all other relevant nations to plan and carry out evacuations of foreign nationals who require assistance.

In response to inquiries, Zakharova also addressed claims made by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that the paramilitary Wagner Group, based in Russia, would cause “death and destruction” if it intervened in Sudan.

Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, stated at a press conference held at the UN on April 25 that Sudan had the option of using the private military firm.

Though she drew attention to Lavrov’s most recent remarks, Zakharova emphasised Moscow’s lack of involvement in the dramatic events in Sudan.

She said to Arab Media, “Minister Lavrov responded on the issue of Russian meddling, in particular, Blinken’s statement, which you mention, in New York on April 25.

Our stance is unequivocal: “Each nation is free to select the legal safeguards that best serve its interests and security.”

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