As Sudanese refugees arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh is “very grateful” for Saudi assistance


Dhaka – As the first batch of refugees arrived in Dhaka on Monday, officials in Bangladesh expressed their gratitude to Saudi Arabia for helping to evacuate their citizens from Sudan.

After deadly fighting broke out between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces, which resulted in the deaths of over 500 people and the injuries of more than 4,000 others, foreign nations have been removing their citizens from Sudan.

More than 100 Bangladeshis were evacuated from Sudan only on Sunday despite the fact that mass evacuation attempts started on April 24 when the warring parties signed a truce. This is because the South Asian country began its rescue efforts significantly later.

The 135 passengers were flown from Port Sudan to Jeddah on planes run by the Saudi air force. After that, they took a flight with Biman Bangladesh Airlines to Bangladesh, landing in Dhaka on Monday.

Mohammed Javed Patwary, the ambassador of Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia, gave a phone interview to Arab News, saying, “On behalf of myself, our embassy, and the people of our nation, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have been in contact with Kingdom officials from the beginning of the fighting, and they have shown us unwavering support.

Saudi Arabia’s assistance has been crucial in the evacuation efforts for several nations.

Through the port of Jeddah, thousands of foreign immigrants have been transported from Sudan by sea.

Director-general of the Consular and Welfare Wing of the Bangladeshi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shah Mohammed Tanvir Monsur said to Arab News, “We are very grateful to the Saudi authorities for offering support in this evacuation procedure.

“The Kingdom offers all of its assistance at no cost. The Saudis are making every effort to get the trapped people out of the unrest-stricken Sudan, he said. It would have been a major issue if the Kingdom’s authorities hadn’t offered assistance with the evacuation at this critical juncture.

In Port Sudan, hundreds of Bangladeshis remain stranded in a claustrophobic temporary camp while they wait to be evacuated. It is still unclear when they will be taken to safety.

The second group of Bangladeshi refugees is expected to arrive in Jeddah on Tuesday, but officials said plans frequently alter since there are so many requests for evacuation from other nations.

“Probably on Tuesday, the second group of Bangladeshis will travel to Jeddah. Nothing has been confirmed yet,” stated Monsur.

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