Kuwaiti Charitable Associations Provide Relief to Earthquake-Hit Regions in Morocco


Marrakesh – Kuwaiti charitable associations have mobilized their efforts to provide relief operations in earthquake-affected regions of Morocco. Dispatching teams to assess the needs of survivors and offer aid, these associations are working in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Omar Al-Thuwaini, the general supervisor of the “Fazaa for Morocco” humanitarian campaign, stated that 14 charitable associations are participating in the initiative. Speaking to the Kuwait News Agency on Saturday, Al-Thuwaini emphasized the goal of assisting the affected communities in Morocco after the earthquake struck various regions. Envoys from the associations have been deployed to supervise the distribution of relief and offer support to the victims.

Al-Thuwaini further explained, “We have reached some regions that were ravaged by the earthquake and examined the volume of the damage.” According to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the associations have distributed 1,100 food parcels and 2,200 blankets to more than 7,000 people affected by the earthquake.

Meshari Al-Enezi, representing the Al-Najat charity, highlighted that the Kuwaiti groups would focus on rebuilding houses, schools, and medical centers in the damaged areas during the second phase of the relief operation. These activities are being carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government departments, as they are part of the broader framework of Kuwaiti charity work abroad.

Khaled Al-Shamri, the director of the Namaa charity, expressed his profound shock when witnessing the extent of the destruction during his tour of the affected regions. The scenes of devastation have further motivated the charitable associations to intensify their efforts and provide assistance to those in need.

The Kuwaiti associations’ relief operations in Morocco reflect the spirit of solidarity and compassion among nations in times of crisis. Their coordinated efforts, in collaboration with Moroccan authorities, aim to alleviate suffering, provide essential supplies, and contribute to the reconstruction and recovery of the affected areas.

As the relief operations continue, the Kuwaiti charitable associations remain committed to supporting the people of Morocco and working hand in hand with local communities to rebuild their lives and restore normalcy in the aftermath of the earthquake.

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