UAE President and Egyptian President Discuss Bilateral Relations and Cooperation


Abu Dhabi – UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held a meeting at Qasr Al Shati in Abu Dhabi to discuss bilateral relations and explore opportunities for further cooperation.

The discussions centered around realizing the aspirations of their respective peoples for sustainable development and prosperity, as reported by the state-run WAM news agency.

During the meeting, President El-Sisi extended his congratulations to Sheikh Mohammed on the UAE’s recent achievement in space exploration, specifically referring to the successful return of astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi after the longest Arab space mission in history. The Egyptian president recognized the significance of this accomplishment and expressed his pride as a source of inspiration for every Arab.

President El-Sisi arrived in Abu Dhabi earlier on Monday and was warmly received by Sheikh Mohammed at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Together, they proceeded to greet Emirati astronauts on the airport grounds, highlighting the shared enthusiasm for space exploration and scientific advancements.

Acknowledging the efforts of the team behind Sultan Al Neyadi’s achievement, President El-Sisi commended their dedication and congratulated them on their contribution to this historic milestone. He expressed his admiration for their accomplishments and extended his best wishes to the UAE for further progress in all fields.

In addition to discussing the space mission, the two presidents engaged in conversations about the existing UAE-Egypt ties, with a particular focus on economic, investment, and development areas. They explored avenues for expanding bilateral cooperation to effectively serve the interests of both nations and their people.

The meeting between Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and President El-Sisi highlights the strong bond between the UAE and Egypt and their commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. It underscores their shared vision for sustainable development, progress, and prosperity. By exploring new opportunities for cooperation, the two leaders aim to strengthen the existing bilateral relations and pave the way for greater collaboration in various domains.

The discussions held at Qasr Al Shati signify the determination of both countries to advance their strategic alliance and leverage their respective strengths for the benefit of their societies. As UAE-Egypt relations continue to evolve, this meeting sets the stage for further joint initiatives, projects, and agreements that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of both nations.

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